Home Surveillance Systems

A home Surveillance system aims to protect your property and those inside it from intrusion, fire, and other environmental disasters.

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At Elite Media Installations, we understand the importance of security for your home or business. That’s why we offer both wired and wireless surveillance camera systems to help you effectively monitor and manage the surveillance of your property.

We prioritize the installation of reliable and high-quality surveillance camera systems. Our experienced technicians will work closely with you to understand your surveillance needs and provide a customized solution that suits your property and budget.

Contact us today to discuss your surveillance requirements and let us help you enhance the security of your home or business with our wired or wireless surveillance camera systems.

Key Features and Benefits:

Remote Monitoring: Our surveillance camera systems enable you to monitor your home or business from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can access live video feeds, review recorded footage, and receive alerts for motion detection or other events.

High-Definition Video: We provide surveillance cameras with high-definition video capabilities, allowing for clear and detailed footage.

Night Vision: Many of our cameras feature infrared technology, enabling them to capture video in low-light or nighttime conditions.

Motion Detection: Our systems can be configured to detect motion and send you real-time alerts, ensuring you stay informed of any suspicious activity.

Scalability: Whether you need a single camera or a comprehensive multi-camera system, we can design a solution that meets your specific requirements and budget.

Integration: Our surveillance camera systems can integrate with your existing smart home automation or security systems for enhanced functionality and convenience.

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Wired Systems

Wired surveillance camera systems provide a reliable and secure solution for video surveillance. These systems involve running cables from the cameras to a central recording device, such as a digital video recorder (DVR) or a network video recorder (NVR). The advantages of wired systems include stable connectivity, higher video quality, and the ability to transmit power to the cameras through the cables (Power over Ethernet or PoE). We carefully plan the installation process to ensure discreet cable routing and minimal visibility.

Wireless Systems

Wireless surveillance camera systems offer a more flexible and convenient option for surveillance. These systems utilize wireless technology to transmit video and audio signals from the cameras to a central receiver or a network video recorder. Wireless systems eliminate the need for running cables, making installation easier and faster. They are ideal for situations where running wires is challenging or not feasible. However, it’s important to note that wireless systems may be subject to signal interference or limitations based on distance and obstacles.