Working with a  simple installation, or custom solutions.
Elite Media ensures your system will work seamlessly and easily.


Technology is advancing with every passing day, and having a smart home is becoming a necessity.  In the past, smart homes were considered to be part of a luxurious life style, but today they have become an important part of our lives.  A smart home can increase efficiency, convenience, comfort and peace of mind within your daily lifestyle.


Wifi &

 Having a strong and reliable wired and wireless network is a critical aspect of daily life.  Residentially, this can improve the high demand of home offices, video calls, gaming, and social media.  Commercially, a stable network backbone is important for cloud-based solutions, video conferencing, and day-to-day responsibilities.

Smart Lighting System

The convenience of a smart lighting system can benefit multiple aspects of living.  These benefits include the elimination of hard-to-place switch banks during construction, preset dimmed environments, timed on/off events for outdoor lights, and engraved buttons for simple use.  When lighting is tied to a smart system, switches can trigger speakers to turn on, TV’s to turn off, even create custom immersive scene of events with a simple button press.



A home theater can be as simple as an entertainment media room, and as complex as a dedicated theater. Either way, the experience increases whether you watch a sporting event or your favorite movie.


Designing an effective and simple-to-use video conferencing room requires professional assistance. Elite Media utilizes industry leading cameras, microphones, and control equipment to make these rooms reliable and easy for any employee to utilize.

Home Video
Surveillance & Systems

A home surveillance system aims to protect your property and those inside it from intrusion, fire, and other environmental disasters. Professional 24/7 monitoring services do this whether you are aware of the situation or not, and they can assist in first responder notification.